1. BICYCLE SAFETY is renter’s responsibility. Renter is liable for a fair price of the cycle if it gets lost.Tip: If you are parking the cycle in a high risk area make sure to park it in a private space like a restaurant and letting the staff know about it.
2. Renter is responsible for the returning of ACCESSORIES in working condition. If a key is lost and the vehicle is locked then a Rs.350 fine is due. Helmets are worth Rs. 1200 each and a electric bicycle charger is worth 1200 as well.
3. Renter is liable for any BREAKAGE  (part cost plus 30% downtime and labour cost) caused by his/her negligence or accident. We won’t charge you for any breakage which is caused by wear and tear.
4. Cycle is rented for PAVED ROAD USE ONLY. Any off roading or beach sand usage will attract an additional cleaning fee of Rs.600 per cycle
5. Checking the cycle CONDITION is the renter’s responsibility.Punctures are a common feature in cycling and the renter should be equipped and ready to manage the situation arising.
6. In case of any problem we do provide rescue services but it may come at an additional cost depending on the situation.
7. We may charge a deposit in terms of money or an original ID deposited with us for the term of the rent as we deem fit considering our risk assessment.