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The most picturesque village in North Goa lies between the roads leading to Anjuna and Mapusa, and it has recently gained attention from both locals and tourists.

It is famous for its whitewashed churches, which have seen generations of Goans flock in and out of the city. In Assagao, you will find an eclectic mix of old Portuguese mansions that come in an assortment of sizes, colors, and styles, along with an evolving community of people from different parts of India who cohabit with the serenity of the area.

Assagao is something like a mix between the charm of south Goa's isolated beaches and the all-nighter scenes in nearby Anjuna and Baga. It is both quiet yet lively, crowded yet secluded. There is a wide range of places to visit in Assagao that you can travel to with your e-bike/bicycle. To begin the day with, collect your e-bike/bicycle from the CyclingZens Hub in Assagao and pedal your way to

Gshot Coffee Roastery & Cafe:

The community-run cafe is a combination cafe and roastery, serving specialty coffee, a gourmet menu, and a chill, music-filled atmosphere that lets you forget your troubles for a little while. There are about 20 varieties of coffee on the menu that are sourced from four estates. People come here for breakfast and the relaxed atmosphere. It's 750 meters away from the CyclingZen Hub.

Once you have a satisfied belly, you can move on to exploring Assagao on your e-bike. The next place to stop would be

St. Micheal’s Church

A historic Roman Catholic church in Anjuna, Goa state, India, St. Michael's Church is the oldest church left standing in Goa. During early colonial Portuguese India, it was constructed in 1613 to serve the Goan Catholics. The church still boasts its magnificent interiors and large space that can house numerous people at once. The historical site is about 1.7 kilometers from the Cafe. You can ride on your e-bike enjoying the scenic surroundings on the way to the church.


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After gazing at some old church charm, you can ride on your e-bikes to go see the Chapora River which is about 6.3 kilometers from here.

Chapora River (Under the Siolim bridge)

Ride your e-bikes/bicycles along the stretch of the river whilst enjoying the cool breeze against your face. The Chapora River runs through the northern part of Goa and into the Arabian Sea. The river acts as a boundary between Bardez and Pernem, which are talukas in North Goa.


Vagator Beach is located to the south of the river, and Morjim village is to the north. It was believed that the river marked the boundary between India and Portuguese Goa during the 18th century.

Little Hiya juice center

Once done gazing and enjoying the view by the riverside, get yourself some fresh juice and fruit salad to energize yourself from Little Hiya Juice Centre and Restaurant This place located near Siolim Bridge has amazing views of the sea and offers the freshest juices and foods at the most reasonable prices.

Vinayak Family Restaurant

When in Assagao, you must try this restaurant's fish thalis. With a great view of Goan beauty, it is in an idyllic location near the fields of Goa. The restaurant offers a wide range of seafood dishes.

Most of the fresh catches are available on request, and the season also affects the prices. People come back to the restaurant for their crab masala as well. The crab masala there is said to be the best in Goa.


Once done with lunch, you can jump cycle your way to eat dessert at

Mr. Gelato - Cream Choc

In Anjuna, Cream Choc makes some of the freshest gelato and sorbet flavors, as well as is open 24/7 all year round. A fresh fusion of seasonal flavors including mangoes, coconuts, and berries.


Talk of the most picturesque cafes in Goa and Babka will strike your mind immediately. There are a number of French selections available at this chic and elegant venue. The first thing you will notice when walking into this cafe is its classy decor featuring sophisticated furniture, white walls adorned with delicate plants and lights, and stunning floral displays.



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Subtly playful and simple, this cafe makes for an excellent place to grab a soothing cup of coffee and spend the evenings. Post dessert, get moving with your e-bikes towards the beautiful Parra Road a.k.a Dear Zindagi Road

Parra Road

This palm-lined, field-viewed road, which has often appeared in movies and TV shows like Four More Shots Please!, is off the main highway. It is one of Goa's prettiest, most scenic roads.

The coconut-tree-lined path, known locally as maadani ("among the coconut trees"), was featured in a Bollywood film some years ago, and its popularity skyrocketed among Instagram users.

Sunset Point

After visiting Parra Road, to end your day’s trip, go visit Sunset Point in Anjuna. Witnessing the sunset by the seaside while a balmy breeze blows is most enchanting. The stress and woes of life fade away for just a few moments when the sky is painted in the seraphic hues of crimson, tangerine, and golden yellow. You're left stunned and speechless if only for the briefest moment when you watch the sunset. It is like falling in love at first sight.