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What we offer

There may be no question that e-bikes are loads of fun. But additionally, they have more to provide than simply endeavor. They are also an effective gear for agencies that might be seeking to save money, increase performance, and be at the top whilst doing well. E-bikes/bicycles that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, fully serviced products which mean you do not have to worry about its maintenance and last but not least being environment friendly, all of this can be found at CyclingZens.

Relying on the nature of your enterprise, adopting BAAS could imply:
The use of e-bikes to cut costs that would incur when using petrol/diesel driven vehicles, developing a trip to work scheme to help employees go back and forth by e-bike. Irrespective of how your business uses e-bikes, you may achieve some critical benefits.

Choosing us would mean

We manage you offer
No-cost, end-to-end maintenance of bicycles
Enhanced customer experience
A hassle-free lease solution
Zero burdens of asset management

Our Lease Plan for you

Basic Bicycle

1900 / per month
  • Basic Bicycle Includes Kids bikes and local brand MTBs

Premium Bicycles

3900 / per month
  • Premium Bicycles Includes Branded MTBs and Hybrids


3300 / per month
  • E-Bikes includes Electric bicycles with fixed batteries

Premium E-bikes

4900 / per month
  • Premium E-bikes includes Electric bicycles with detachable batteries

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