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There has been incredible growth in the premium bicycling space in India in the last decade or so. This growth has also coincided with the general trend of growth in managed fitness and endurance activities. This growth is generally driven by what marketers call ‘MAMIL’ segment acronym for Middle aged men in lycra. 

The trends are changing and changing fast. Cycling is trickling down into the commuter segment and there has been a world wide push for electric bikes. As flexibility in the work space increases cycling is becoming more of a practical option. The cities are congested and electric bikes make a lot of sense. You 
have foldies getting better and trendier by the day and they are creating a cult around them as strong as the cafe racers did in the years past.

All in all cycling is here to stay and grow and we at CyclingZens are working hard to keep up with the trends. We have all the major cycle types out there and always working on adding more options to give our customers the feel of a premium bike with the right fit for their needs.

We offer basic electric bikes in hybrid and MTB options with 6-7Ah batteries and premium ones which have 10-12Ah batteries. 
We offer a range of road bikes, hybrid (700x35) and soft tail and hard tail MTBs of top brands.

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