Why Rent a Bicycle in Goa?

  • This is Goa.

Everything is Sussegado. Why the rush? Try to assimilate in the local culture.

  • You’re on a Vacation.

There are no deadlines, no presentations and no pressure to get shit done. Take the moment as it comes, live it to your fullest.

  • It is beautiful around – you want to absorb everything!

Its green, it’s serene. The metros are not going to offer you this. You can’t take it all in sitting in an Innova with the AC on or on an Activa zooming around just to find another rat race here too.

  • You don’t want the feeling of being fleeced by the cab drivers.

Like most tourist destinations, the cab drivers here are a protected lot. We are talking to a tune of 27-40Rs. per km. You may be able to afford it but the feeling of being cheated will linger on. Feeling independent while enjoying the speed of things, that is what our bicycle rentals have to offer

  • You are a couple on honeymoon or the second or third one …. and you want to have some bonding time

We have the option just for you. Take a tandem bicycle and feel the bonding forced upon you. You need to be in sync to keep the balance

  • You can be drunk and riding is still legal.

We all know the cops in India. They work on quotas and you don’t want to fall on the wrong side of the law especially with stuff like drunk driving. You can be rest assured that they can’t catch you on our bicycles. You can just zoom past them and have the last laugh

  • Its green it’s eco-friendly your letting the Earth live another day.

No jokes on this one. Humans have been choking the earth for too long and you can do your bit by at least staying off fuel in your vacation time.

  • You’re pardoned of the calories the beer is giving you

This is the big one. You want to maintain the belly size and cutting down on beers is not really an option. You can burn some of the calories on your way to the bar and back. Doesn’t that sound cool?

If you are not much of a health freak, or an avid cyclists, yet you want to do your green bit, we have the electric bicycles on rent for you.

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