Why Cycling

What is cycling to me?

Is it a sense of elitism, history or socialism? Can it be just a sense of adventure and new experiences without thinking about the social aspects to it?

These questions and many more keep coming to me and I am still finding my answers. Pics below are just some fuel for thought.

Disclaimer. Some of these are just random Images off the net and they are here to tell a story.

  1. Bombay Bicycle Club- More than a century old pic. Bicycles may have defined the elites of the time


  • Picture of the black and white era of what was the Bombay – The sense of history

Indian-Bicycle - 14

  • A pro cyclist amazed to see cattle on the street- A sense of adventureexperience
  • Life as usual somewhere in the heart of India



  • Bicycles as a sense of aspirations


  • Holy man with all his belongings- The bicycle of freedom


  • John Abraham (Indian celeb) endorsing a bicycle event- Sense of neo elitism?


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