Bicycle Tour of Divar & Chorao Island

We undertake a bicycle tour of Divar and Chorao islands every Sunday. You can book this tour directly by contacting us or through popular marketplaces like Cleartrip activities.

Divar island has historic importance with its proximity to Old Goa. There are some nice churches and temples to see around. The unique local culture and festivals like Bonderam are added attractions.

Chorao island hosts the famous Salim Ali Bird sanctuary. The bird sanctuary in itself is too dense to get great bird sightings. The wetlands on the outskirts of the sanctuary are great for bird watching as well as just breath taking in their natural beauty.

Cycling is just the perfect way to explore these areas. Walking, you can’t cover enough area and with any motorized transport you will lose out on being one with nature and assimilating the memories that will last a life time.

This tour is just worth the ride. Our customer, Banani Das, who is a popular blogger describes it in her own words  The Quieter side of Goa

Bicycle Tour of Fort Aguada

Amidst the hustle and bustle of Candolim, lie the ruins of Fort Aguada. The place has also become popular because of the Taj  Hotels property in the same location with the same name. Even though the area is crowded with restaurants and tourists, the ride up  the hill presents a different picture. There are interesting places to see like the helipad, the light house, the central Jail walls and the panoramic view of the sea.

The uphill climb is challenging for the not-so-regular cyclists, but is part of the fun in the ride to  explore the area.  We arrange this tour on request.

Long Distance tours

We arrange long distance multi-day tours on a regular basis and you can know more  via updates on the facebook page