The Zen Life

zɛn/ noun : A Japanese school of Mahayana Buddhism emphasizing the value of meditation and intuition rather than ritual worship or study of scriptures.

Cycling Zens- The Concept

People find peace in various places. They find it in places of worship. Some find it in hobbies, some find it in pictures, some find it in daily chores and truth be told, most don’t find it at all.

I have found that peace when I am moving. Moving at a steady pace, existing at a new place every moment. This is what cycling offers me. I want to extend this offer to all tourists who want to feel the same way.

The idea of Cycling Zens was thus born. We are providing bicycles on rent in Goa and conducting organized tours along a few routes.

Goa with its ever so beautiful landscape is a visual treat. Dotted with places of historical interest, the rich biodiversity and the never failing long coastline, it is not surprising that every year it attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists from across the globe.

Traditionally, people have been exploring Goa through cab or bus driven tours, often hurriedly. We, at Cycling Zens, offer Goa at your own pace. Take a leisurely ride through the golden beaches , scale up the hilly terrains of the Western Ghats or just cruise along the city to soak in the heritage of Goa.

At Cycling Zens, cycling is made easy for all age groups with our wide range of bicycles. There is one for any type of terrain and every type of personality. Cycling enthusiasts can choose from our MTBs or road bikes. Our electric bicycles offer a pleasant cycling experience without draining you out. What’s more, you can also choose to go on a romantic ride on our tandem bike and envy your friends !

Our cycles are well maintained, good quality bikes from Montra, Fomas, Hullikal (E-bike) and so on. We provide helmets, locks and supplementary emergency tools to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride.

So, come, pack your bags and unleash the free spirit in you !